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DC Solar is currently offering to Washington, DC residents the world's first "No-Cost, No-Pay" solar deal.  What does this mean?  It means that for no money down and no payments ever, you can own solar and reap 100% of the electricity benefits, dramatically reducing or fully eliminating your electricity costs.

The table below contrasts a traditional "free solar" Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with DC Solar's "No-Cost, No-Pay" free solar offer.


Comparison table below for a solar installation that generates 10,000 kwh/yr, reducing Pepco bills by $0.0862 / kwh, an accurate amount for DC as of Pepco 2020 Residential-R rateplan.


How is DC Solar's No-Cost, No-Pay Offer Possible?

  1. DC Solar absorbs all the costs of installing your solar system: materials, labor, permits, engineering, everything....

  2. You get free solar panels that you own, all the free electricity that they generate, and a correspondingly dramatically reduced or fully eliminated electric bill.  No payments ever, not upfront, not at installation, not in the future.  No risk, no downside, just a massively reduced or eliminated electric bill.  For nothing.  No brainer.

  3. DC Solar receives the immediate federal tax credit and, as a trickle over time, the local incentives (aka SRECs), hopefully eventually recouping the money it has invested in your system.



  1. Do you own property?

  2. Does it have a roof?

  3. Is it in Washington, DC?


If Yes to all, you are eligible for "No Cost, No Pay" offer



Many solar installers won't install on flat roofs.  DC Solar specializes in them!

Solar panels on Washington, DC rowhouse flat roofs are installed on beams that span from wall to wall.  While an expensive and challenging installation, this method has the benefits of no roof penetrations and no added weight to the roof itself.



Pitched roof solar installations are standard fare in the solar industry, and naturally DC Solar is heavily experienced with these installations.

DC Solar uses industry-best equipment that does not void your roof warrantee.

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"No-Cost, No-Pay" Free Solar



DC Solar, LLC is a leading residential solar installer in Washington, DC.  Founded in 2016 by two lifelong Washington, DC residents with a passion for renewable energy and addressing climate change, DC Solar, LLC has quickly become the second largest solar installer in the District with over 750 installations comprising over 8 megawatts and resulting in over 10 GWh per year in clean, solar energy produced.


Leveraging federal and local incentives (and the deep pockets of an investor passionate about environmental impact investing), DC Solar, LLC offers the unheard-of "No-Cost, No-Pay" solar to DC residents!  No ongoing obligations. No down payments or ongoing payments or any payments.  No encumbrances. No downsides.  Just solar on your roof for nothing and a hugely reduced or eliminated utility bill.


DC Solar, LLC's full-time installation team is the most experienced solar installation crew in the district with over 1,500 residential installations under their belt.  No matter the intricacies of your roof, we have experience with it!

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Mark M

"I reached out to DC Solar to ask about their FREE SOLAR Initiative and less than one month later I had solar panels on my roof.  Now my house is powered by the sun.  I own the system 100%.  No lease contract, no payments, nothing.  I own it!
Total cost to me: $0.  I could not be more pleased"

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Learn More

If interested in learning more, please send an email that includes your address and phone number to: and a DC Solar rep will get back to you to discuss the feasibility of solar at your location

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